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Muni Art

First Place Winner MUNI ART 2018

San Francisco Beautiful and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) present Muni Art 2018. Partnering with the Poetry Society of America (sponsors of Poetry in Motion®) and Supervisor London Breed, Muni Art 2018 will transform ordinary buses into art galleries and for the first time, local poetry will be included. The 100 Muni Art buses will showcase this year’s theme, “The Art of Poetry in San Francisco”. Five preselected poems will be interpreted visually by this year’s winners.

My piece POEMS ARE ANGELS is a draft interpretation of the poem To a Student by Diane di Prima:

come to bring you
the letter you wdn’t
sign for

earlier, when it was
by yr life

My proposal call WORDS UNFOLD is a series of Visual Poetry where each piece explores a visual interpretation of a poem. I aim to capture the curiosity of the public and illustrate awareness of poetry in San Francisco. In a visual poem, visual language is the essence; and the verbal language functions as a complement to the image, where the verbal and iconic meaning converges in a mutual exploration.